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  • about me

    With a solid Classical Music foundation from CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY and a World Music and Dance foundation at the CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS, I INVENTED an enormously DIVERSE way of conveying MUSIC through FLUTE and VOICE. I combine extended techniques for flute that sound like bird calls, growls and wind sounds, and vamps them together with vocal harmonies.


    Peter Gabriel’s 'Passion Album' also influenced me to move beyond western tonality and collaborate with Master musicians like Ry Cooder, AND perform at Festival Au Desert in the Sahara Desert, Africa, Lincoln Center, NYC and The Yerba Buena Center for The Arts, SF.




    One of my greatest influences has come from our natural environment. Mother Nature gave me the access to communicate with the spirits. Spending time at The Pittsburgh National Aviary imitating birds, wind and water animated my flute playing and inspired me to absorb any new sound that intrigued me.


    As a kind of shamanic performer, I developed the power to take audiences deep within their own imaginations and provoke their own personal process, strengthening their inner sense of self. Through my work as a performer, I explore how creativity can turn fear into an ally, allowing our hearts to be guided by our higher selves even in moments of challenge.

  • "Tbird Luv is simply music and dance. She's a flutist, dancer, singer who doesn't need to get it together because she's got it all together. She's on track to be one of the mostimportant creative voices of her generation." — Robert Dick Internationally Acclaimed Flutist & Composer

  • fearless creative express is my passion.

    "Totally soul-rocking artist - she is a "thought leader" of music creating a new wave of music that leaves you a different person than when you found her." — Jessica Hadari, founder of FEM Talks


    "Singer songwriters are a dime a dozen (all most as common as electronic music djs or transformational leaders) but so few are really taking risks and pushing their art form. To hear "catbird growl" once live, is to know beyond any naive doubt that TBird is doing just that. Her musical genius is so forward and present that one gets the feeling that the scope of it eludes even her. " — Bryan Franklin



    My short Promo Video


    A Flute and Vocal Composition

    Tbird Luv and Laura Inserra

    Samavesha presents Musical Journeys
    a live concert series of modern global music

  • classes & lessons

    I create interactive playshops for kids, teenagers and adults, teaching fearless creative expression to stretch participants beyond their comfort zones, take important risks, and share their vulnerability in order to strengthen deeper levels of respect and understanding of self, creative purpose and world service. 


    They engage their imaginations via vocal improvisation, dance and movement, storytelling and meditation to access their creativity and align it with their desired leadership style. Participants feel supported, valued and prepared to lead from purpose by living their passions.

    What folks say

    "T-Bird has a knack for grounding a group into their bodies like few I've ever experienced. One short guided somatic meditation left me with an indelible image etched in my memory that I have drawn on daily as a source of strength and self-love." —Mark Metz, Conscious Dancer Magazine Movement for a Better World


    “Tbird’s creativity is contagious and she has a way of connecting the dots for others to find their inner music.” Dr. Leslie Hewitt, CEO of The WOW Factor, Women of Wellness


    “I got the tools I needed to reframe my thoughts about myself in a way that allows me to release my fear whenever it arises.” Melissa Ayers, ArcheDream for Humankind



  • Topics + Insights That I Love To Talk About

    "Make the world a better place" from your own unique point of view." Tbird

    Women's Leadership

    Healing The Feminine Dichotomy

    More than ever are we able to speak our minds, hold positions of power, share our talents and make money as entrepreneurs. Where do we go from here and how can a mission of solidarity become contagious, inspiring and be on purpose?

    The Arts & Social Change

    Why The Arts Matter More Then Ever

    In a time of both enhanced connectivity and dis-connect, it's important to acknowledge and celebrate the gifts and talents people are sharing with one another to move harmoniously into the future.

    Cultivate More of Your Creative Genius

    Taking More Your Unique Risk

    Its YOUR time to take more risks and roar out loud. But not from a place of defense, fear or entitlement. Discover how to connect to an inner source of creativity to get you into major breakthrough and expressing  your creative genius freely.

  • "Tbird is a rare musician that continuously develops hybrid ways of playing,singing, speaking and dancing. I will listen with great anticipation as she continues to push her own boundaries and inspire us all to follow her lead." — Michael Pestel, Multimedia Artist & Musician, Professor Wesleyen University

  • "Met an awesome musician this weekend, TBird Tall Flame Luv. In the middle of her amazing flute performance, I had the same reaction the first time I heard Laurie Anderson: "Who IS this woman?!" What an amazing composer, performer, and spirit." Michael Yacavone


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